Ute Kreidler

Her voice moves. It is warm and clear and at the same time seems to hover above things when combined with the centuries-old songs of Hildegard von Bingen.

Ute Kreidler has been singing as a soloist in various early music ensembles for almost 30 years. She first came into contact with Hildegard songs in 1992 and from the very beginning was deeply moved by the extraordinary songs of that time. Fascinated, she began to work on her own interpretation, which is to bring the emotional power of the songs to life.

With her solo project SPIRIT ANTIQUA, she not only highlights the colorfulness of Hildegard music but also her own, which she brings to the stage and creates a sound space in which many people can feel the beneficial and healing effects of her music.

After a private vocal training with an emphasis on early music and courses at Montserrat Figueras, Jordi Savall, Louis Devos, Jessica Cash and Cornelius Reid, Ute Kreidler completed in 2004 the training as a functional vocal coach after to the method of Eugen Rabine. The development of functional singing has enabled her to use her voice freely and in many ways and to enjoy singing in very different styles. Her large range of sounds also allows her to sing as soloist the songs of Hildegard von Bingen, which can include up to 19 tones.
Ute Kreidler solisticly performs in various ensembles with music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque, as well as with contemporary music in jazz and improvisation. She was involved in various CD and radio productions and also produces her own CDs.

• since 1990 solo concerts with the lutenist Johannes Vogt
• since 1992 member of the renaissance ensemble "I 'Ciarlatani"
• 1998 - 2008 singer of "Between The Times" Early music and jazz improvisation
• since 2011 concerts with the own solo-program "SPIRIT ANTIQUA - Klangvisionen der Hildegard von Bingen"
• since 2012 singer of the trio "MELiOS", music between medieval and modern, jazz and folklore
• Since 2016 collaboration with the Dutch trio "Nectar", meditative improvisation

A new project of Ute Kreidler since 2015 is the Sacred Dance. Her education with Maria-Gabriele Wosien is an addition to her Spirit Antiqua program. The idea is that the dance extends the program.The heard is put into motion. It has become much more to her: another, very exciting path of experience.

»Singing to me is life elixir, in my concerts I want to share my music experience with you.«

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