Spirit Antiqua
and light poetry by Alfred Wolski

»The soul comes from the heavenly harmony and has something of that music in it..«
Hildegard von Bingen

Alfred Wolski creates light objects made of coated glass with crystal lattices, which are unique in their soothing effects. The fragile works of art are moving compositions of glass panes of varying sizes, interwoven with almost invisible wire. Illuminated with white light, they unfold a flowing, floating sea of ​​light in all the colors of the rainbow. The purity of the light colors and the movement of the pictorial light patterns of extraordinary color beauty create a resonance field in which the healing energy of light can be directly experienced in the sense of Hildegard's visions. For Ute Kreidler and Alfred Wolski, it was already obvious at their first meeting that their projects complement each other and spontaneously arose the idea for this mutually inspiring collaboration.


An extraordinary symbiosis

The luminosity of the sound and light visions of Hildegard von Bingen, which has remained unbroken until today, finds its modern expression in the interpretations of Ute Kreidler and Alfred Wolski. Both artists share their special spiritual relationship with Hildegard and both capture with their art the spirit of Hildegard's vision in all its dimensions. Both realize in their projects in their own way a part of the whole, which is reflected in Hildegard's entire work. Through the symbiotic connection between the two artists, these parts are merged into one unit. The vibrations of the light colors harmonize in a fascinating way with the visionary songs of Hildegard von Bingen. This shows the effect that this special magic of her visions has on the whole person nowadays. The sounds and the calm flowing patterns of the light colors unfold in the transience of the moment and they combine in the listening viewer to an experience of extraordinary intensity and touching beauty.



Alfred Wolski

Alfred Wolski has a unique approach to the spheres of light. He is able to translate painful experiences in his biography into works of art of fragile and rare beauty. As they are viewed, they initiate an internal process of harmonization and open up new forms of consciousness. His light objects are used throughout the world for meditative and therapeutic purposes in clinics, schools and seminar centers.

Further information about Alfred Wolski: www.lichtpoet.de


Die CD

CD »Vrije Klanken«

erscheint im Sommer.

Hier etwas Text zur CD:

Door middel van muziek, en het toepassen van muzikale processen in je alledaagse leven, kun je ook weer uiting geven aan die kwaliteiten. Je leeft je leven dan als een muzikant. Jouw leven wordt een muzikaal leven. Jouw leven wordt als een muzikale compositie, die uitgevoerd wordt door jouw orkest met jou als geïnspireerd dirigent.
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Audio samples

  • 01

    O quam mirabilis

    ute kreidler & alfred wolski

  • 02

    Caritas abundat

    ute kreidler & alfred wolski

  • 03

    Spiritus Sanctus

  • 04

    O vos angeli

  • 05

    Columba aspexit

  • 06

    O victoriosissimi triumphatores



Previous dates

Alte Papierfabrik Ebertsheim (23./24.7.2014) 
Klosterruine Disibodenberg, Odernheim/Glan (9.8.2014)  
Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt/Main (18.3.2016)
Klosterruine Arnsburg (30.4.2016)
Klosterruine Disibodenberg, ev. Kirche Odernheim/Glan (23.7.2016)


»This symbiosis of sound and light is something unique, our encounter a special gift.«

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