Ute Kreidler (vocals)
Christoph Becker (percussion, saxophone, oboe, bass clarinet)
Johannes Vogt (theorbo, lute)

The melodious name MELiOS hides the terms melos, melodies and songs that echo in the program of the trio. Selected beautiful songs form the center of MELiOS music. The "i" in MELiOS stands for IMPROVISATION: through their spontaneous improvisations, Christoph Becker and Johannes Vogt lend color and variety to the songs, from elegiac melancholy up to vibrant rhythmic. The many years of experience of the two musicians in the play of different music styles influences their experimentation with the melodies, each concert develops new, unimaginable sounds.
The trio is open to all styles, from medieval song to jazz standard everything is possible. The current program of the musicians deals with Sephardic songs in combination with Bossa Nova.



Die Musiker


Studied oboe at the Academy of Music Mannheim-Heidelberg
• Further education in Afro-Brazilian percussion
• Artistic work as a freelance musician with different ensembles and as soloist
• Collaboration as musician and composer in many theater and performance projects in the field of dance, movement and improvisational theater
• Member of the "Theater Anu (Berlin)"
• Training as a psychotherapist, music therapist and supervisor
• Work in private practice, clinical context and as a lecturer.



Johannes Vogt

studied guitar and lute at the music colleges Heidelberg-Mannheim and Aachen, as well as German philology, philosophy and musicology in Heidelberg. He performs as a soloist and basso continuo player, among others at "Musica Antiqua Köln", "L'arpa festante", "Musica Alta Ripa" under Neville Marriner and in various ensembles. From 1992 -1999 he taught as a lecturer in lute and basso continuo at the Academy of Music Mannheim-Heidelberg.

Die CD

CD »Vrije Klanken«

erscheint im Sommer.

Hier etwas Text zur CD:

Door middel van muziek, en het toepassen van muzikale processen in je alledaagse leven, kun je ook weer uiting geven aan die kwaliteiten. Je leeft je leven dan als een muzikant. Jouw leven wordt een muzikaal leven. Jouw leven wordt als een muzikale compositie, die uitgevoerd wordt door jouw orkest met jou als geïnspireerd dirigent.
Weitere CDs mit Johannes Vogt

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  • 01

    O frondens virga & Improvisation

  • 02

    O quam mirabilis & Improvisation

  • 03

    Lux aeterna & Improvisation

  • 04

    De Spiritu Sancto & Improvisation


Bisherige Termine

14.00 Uhr, Nijmegen, Lourdeskerk, aan de Hartertseweg 111
Fünf Gebete - Gesänge der Hildegard
Fünf Kompositionen inspiriert durch Miniaturen der Hildegard von Bingen in Verbindung mit Originalgesängen



»Playing my favorite music from the bottom of my heart with great colleagues - so beautiful!«

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