Functional voice lessons

»Our body is the harp of our soul.«
Khalil Gibran

Getting to know a hidden instrument

Working on the voice means turning your attention inward and tracking down the bodily processes of this instrument, which can produce so many different timbres. In functional voice lessons you face this task concretely and full of curiosity. The student discovers in an increasingly differentiated way the connections between the voice and the posture, flexibility and breathing. Through targeted body and voice exercises, the sensitivity and awareness of the natural physiological processes of singing are discovered and trained.

Learning through success and joy

From the beginning, the lessons are based on the positive experiences and successes that the student experiences directly through the changes in his voice. It's fun and motivating.

Balance and agility

 Is the voice getting hoarse? Or is it lacking in carrying capacity, height, depth, warmth, richness of nuances or volume, etc.?
In most cases, we use too much power for what we want to achieve. For singing, this means that we unnecessarily tension auxiliary muscles. But the opposite is also conceivable: if we do not muster enough basic tension, also inappropriate muscle groups have to take over the work.
Functional voice training draws the student's attention to the efficiency of the vocal function that can result when the entire body is highly mobile and in balance.
An efficient voice leads to the fact that the voice can improve and maintain even at a mature age.

Discover your own possibilities

»... and if the pupil did not go at least half of his way alone, he has learned nothing"«

 The singer learns to develop his natural vocal potential by getting to know it himself. An important moment of functional voice training is to prompt the curiosity in the student and to guide him to trust his intuition for singing.
The own possibilities are discovered under the guidance of the vocal teacher by the singer himself, no ideals are recommended to him.
The experience of how a healthy vocal function feels can be learned for any vocal application, even if the vocal requirements are specific to pop, jazz, rock or opera singers.

Knowledge from experience creates confidence

»By researching only, one gains serenity in all action.«

Knowledge about the functional, physiological processes and coherences in singing is always conveyed through one's own physical experience.
As a result, the singer gains confidence in using his voice. He learns to control his vocal function and to rely on his technique. This strengthens the self-confidence and creates serenity, which has a positive effect on his performances and stage presence. The basis of my teaching is the CRT training (Certified Rabine Teacher) with Prof. Eugen Rabine, who does not tire to research about the functional coherences with the singing and to pass them on in a pedagogical concept, which concentrates on the learning by self-awareness.

teaching is based on my knowledge, my intuition and my many years of experience as a singer.


Teaching program

The course offer is aimed at beginners who want to get to know their voice as well as to advanced and professional singers. If interested, please contact me.
Many Thanks! I will contact you as soon as possible.




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