Duo with lute

Since 1992, Ute Kreidler and Johannes Vogt have performed together as a duo. The programs are mainly with songs and lute music from Renaissance to Baroque. In addition, there is a program of Sephardic music, the passionate music of the Spanish Jews.

The special love of the duo applies to the Italian and Spanish songs of the early Baroque, one of Ute Kreidler’s favorite composers is Giulio Caccini (1545-1618). Her great desire is to make the artful embellishments of his melodies sound as easy and natural as possible, and the emotional contents of the lyrics should be immediately accessible to the listeners.

The concert programs are moderated by Ute Kreidler, she briefly and entertainingly explains the contents of the songs and guides them through the program. Some songs, especially the Spanish-Sephardic ones, get a special, extra color because the singer accompanies herself on the frame drum or the Riqq.



studied guitar and lute at Academy of Music Heidelberg-Mannheim and Aachen, as well as German philology, philosophy and musicology in Heidelberg. He performs as a soloist and basso continuo player, among others at "Musica Antiqua Köln", "L'arpa festante", "Musica Alta Ripa" under Neville Marriner and in various ensembles. From 1992 -1999 he taught as a lecturer in lute and basso continuo at the Academy of Music Mannheim-Heidelberg.



Johannes Vogt Theorbe


CD »Ardi d'Amore«

Love songs by Giulio Caccini and Girolamo Frescobaldi
Lute works by Alessandro Piccinini, Johann H. Kapsberger and Girolamo Frescobaldi

You can order the CD here.



Ardi d'Amore CD - Cover

Audio samples

  • 01

    Caccini - Amor l'ali m'impenna

  • 02

    Frescobaldi - Vanne o carta amorosa

  • 03

    Kapsberger - Sferina

  • 04

    Caccini - A quei sospir ardenti

  • 05

    Kapsberger - Passacaglia

  • 06

    Caccini - La bella man vi stringo

  • 07

    Piccinini - Toccata

  • 08

    Frescobaldi - Ti lascio, anima mea


Bisherige Termine

14.00 Uhr, Nijmegen, Lourdeskerk, aan de Hartertseweg 111
Fünf Gebete - Gesänge der Hildegard
Fünf Kompositionen inspiriert durch Miniaturen der Hildegard von Bingen in Verbindung mit Originalgesängen


»A well-rehearsed team for so many years - I'm always looking forward to being on stage with Johannes!«

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